Orsolya Cziráki: AcroYoga as a tool for social inclusion and community development

AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics are sports which have very strong features that we use in non-formal education in an experiential learning way. For variety of skills development it’s a powerful, fun, inclusive and participatory grassroot sport that incorporates social and community values. Since 2017 we have discovered it’s elements as great assets for learning by doing for trust, communication and self-confidence raising. It enhances people’s ability to connect to others and make others connected. By it’s nature it enhances community and team spirit, highlights the importance of support, care and safe play. By generating situations that expand the confort zone and self-belief of participants, it helps them with personal body and self-awareness, body acceptance and presence in the moment. It can be used as a mindfulness practice from variety of angles and offers many possibilities to develop diverse skills and competences beyond the above mentioned few.

Our trainers, educators and coaches at MOVE to Be You organization, based in Austria are offering projects, workshops and various activities at local, national and international level, using AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics. We have organized in Hungary in 2019 summer AcroYoga weekend with Brazilian vibe, when we had a guest trainer from Brazil. http://movetobeyou.org/acro-yoga-weekend-with-brazilian-vibe-2/

We have participated in many international camps to develop our trainers practical and technical knowledge and expand our organizational network within Europe. In the meantime we also look into developing camps for the promotion and introduction of this wounderful sport in Koh Phangan, Thailand too.

Within the ErasmusPlus framework we have ongoing applications incorporating the Education Through Sport methodology of AcroYoga focusing on social inclusion and community development. As a response for the COVID-19’s social distancing caused effects like anxiety and depression we also develop city revival projects in Vienna (as soon as restrictions allow) to bring the society together and create inclusive, health awareness raising, fun AcroYoga practices in public spaces and parks.

It is a sport that can be easily tailored to any age group, gender regardless of their cultural or religious background. It can break barriers and create strong connections, understanding and empathy.

At MOVE to Be You by using AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics we aim to fulfill our objective of contributing to a mentally and physically healthy and active inclusive society. We are happy to work on creative ideas and projects with variety of partners and implement the usage of these methodologies and tools.

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I am Orsolya Cziráki, the Founder and President of MOVE to Be You. I have master’s degree as Philanthropist&Teacher of Italian language and literature and Philanthropist specialized in Aesthetics, and I am a certified NLP Master practitioner and Advanced Coach (ICS). I have extensive international experience in Europe and Asia in leading youth, outdoor education and educational study programmes/tours. In Asia I instructed international students in nature to boost their self-confidence, various life skills and comfort zone expansion by using the spirit of adventure and experiential learning. As qualified Hatha Yoga teacher I aim to use yoga, AcroYoga, sport and physical activities for social inclusion, environmental protection and self-awareness as a non-formal educational tool. I am an Education Through Sport trainer combining variety of background and experience in project design and reflective learning by doing. Beyond my Erasmus+ training leading experience I was actively involved in education and youth work in Asia for 7 years in different roles.