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the first project under throughsport.eu


Youth work and grassroots sport have a great potential for exchanging practices and synergies in order to involve young people in youth communities and provide expertise in developing citizenship skills. The project is aiming to create a structured way of sharing and gathering good practices both in grassroots sport (including school sport) and youth work, collecting inclusive practices involving sport and physical education that can provide learning opportunities for inclusion and active citizenship. Four organisations coming from Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy joined their resources and experience to promote and develop the role of sport in fostering the citizenship skills of young people, so that they can build more inclusive and democratic communities by sharing and disseminating the practices of using sport and physical education as a tool for inclusion. S.Y.I (Sport.Youth.Inclusion) will collect and document 24 practices of how to use sport and physical activities to improve inclusion of discriminated young people in schools, grassroots sport teams and youth communities. 

Four partners and their associated partners – from the fields of sport, formal education and youth work – will work closely together, meeting and exchanging practices while developing new partnerships. Four national consultation meetings will strengthen the cooperation among the associated partners on the basis of discussing the developing the role of sport in inclusion. It will create a focus on this issue and the people coming from the three sectors will have the chance to learn a lot from one another. The various national and international Toolfair events that will be held within the framework of the project will provide space for sharing and exchanging these practices among successful practitioners, using sport and physical activities for developing skills and competence of young people in creating an inclusive community. Moreover, through the national multiplier events and social media, the project will motivate hundreds more.

An online tool will be created to collect and disseminate these practices, theories and methodologies within the partner organisations and make them available in all the participating countries to reach a wider public. The online tool will be a reference source for cooperation in sport, education and youth work focusing on the inclusion of discriminated young people. 

Furthermore, S.Y.I would like to provide recommendations to national sport policy administrations, to the European Commission and the Council of Europe to show and develop the potential role of sport communities in improving inclusion and combating discrimination. S.Y.I aims to document new ideas, needs and proposals that could be relevant for policy makers in the field of sport, education and youth work, advocating for a wider use of sport for improving inclusion of discriminated young people in youth communities. 

Education through sport for inclusion and active citizenship has great potential for the development of physical education in schools, training coaches and PE teachers who work with disadvantaged young people, especially in areas where there is nothing else than a football field. In this regard S.Y.I could provide further evidence to policy makers for taking measures to develop conditions and competence in the three sectors.