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The THROUGHSPORT.EU is a European portal for the promotion education through sport. It is aiming to be an online resource center for sport educators, PE teachers, coaches as well as youth workers who are using sport and physical activities as a tool for developing social skills and democratic citizenship competences of children, young people and young adults.


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Sport.Youth.Inclusion Toolkit

The “SPORT.YOUTH.INCLUSION TOOLKIT” is one of the main tools developed in this project: it is an educational tool encompassing good practices for engaging young people in the promotion of inclusion through sport. The Toolkit reflects on the benefits and outcomes of non-formal education, where learning is happening by doing and experiencing.

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The Landessportbund Brandenburg e.V. and the Sports Youth Brandenburg (BSJ) have developed a quality label for movement-oriented day-care centres. Together with the Ministry of Education, Youth and

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Between youth work and grassroots sport there is a great potential of exchanging practices and synergies in order to involve young people in youth communities and provide experience in developing citizenship skills. The project is aiming to create a structured way of sharing and collecting good practices both in grassroots sport (including school sport) and youth work and make a collection of inclusive practices using sport and physical education that provide learning for inclusion and citizenship.