The Landessportbund Brandenburg e.V. and the Sports Youth Brandenburg (BSJ) have developed a quality label for movement-oriented day-care centres. Together with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the University of Potsdam and the AOK Nordost, the certification procedure is being implemented in the federative state of Brandenburg. The “BEWEGUNGSKITA” seal of quality is awarded as a distinction for very good kindergarten work in the area of physical activity. However, it is also intended to support the further development of facilities, enable a professional exchange among the daycare centres, make their work transparent to the outside world and offer opportunities for networking in the region. In addition, all day care centres can benefit from professional support and advice.

The basis for the development of the quality standards for the “BEWEGUNGSKITA” quality label was formed by the “Bausteine eines Bewegungskindergartens” (Modules of a Movement Kindergarten) according to R. Zimmer1, which were published again in 2013. Based on these scientific findings, the quality seal exclusively describes characteristics of movement with the anthropological basic assumption: “the child as a movement being”. Healthy nutrition in the context of health promotion is understood as important for child development, especially in connection with the promotion of movement, but is excluded within the framework of the features of the quality label.

The award for BEWEGUNGSKITA is based on a differentiated analysis of quality standards in the following 4 areas: 

  • the pedagogical quality & the facility’s concept for promoting movement
  • the movement-friendly room concept
  • the physical activity programmes
  • the opening to the outside world

Criteria in all four areas were defined as a guideline for the quality development process and profile development for the “MOVEMENT KINDERGARTEN of the State of Brandenburg”.

A distinction is made between minimum requirements and extended requirements that serve as orientation for further profiling beyond the minimum requirements. The 15 facilities certified so far have fulfilled the minimum requirements and supplemented their physical activity concept with suggestions from the extended requirements to strengthen their individual profile.

The seal of quality will be in the form of a specially designed poster to advertise the work of the respective childcare centre and will be entitled “BEWEGUNGSKITA des Landes Brandenburg“(MOVEMENT KINDERGARTEN of the federative state of Brandenburg). A validity period of three years requires recertification after expiry and illustrates the qualitative development of the childcare centre. 

1Zimmer, R. (2006): Alles über den Bewegungskindergarten. Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder Verlag 

Authors: Julia Lorek und Franziska Reinhardt