Sport.Youth.Inclusion Toolkit

The “SPORT.YOUTH.INCLUSION TOOLKIT” is one of the main tools developed in this project: it is an educational tool encompassing good practices for engaging young people in the promotion of inclusion through sport. The Toolkit reflects on the benefits and outcomes of non-formal education, where learning is happening by doing and experiencing.


The Landessportbund Brandenburg e.V. and the Sports Youth Brandenburg (BSJ) have developed a quality label for movement-oriented day-care centres. Together with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the University of Potsdam and the AOK Nordost, the certification procedure is being implemented in the federative state of Brandenburg. The “BEWEGUNGSKITA” seal of quality is awarded […]

Rhythmic drumming

The kindergarten “Nesthüpfer” in Falkensee implements the concept “Health- and Movement-oriented Day Care Centres”, which was established in cooperation between the LSB SportService Brandenburg gGmbH, the Sports Confederation of Brandenburg e.V., the Sports Youth Brandenburg and the University of Potsdam. The focus of this concept is set on the movement, which is understood as the […]

Marie Curie Association: Martial Arts as tool towards Inclusion

  Theme The use of the martial arts explores various new possibilities of Sport as a tool for education and inclusion. Objectives In Bulgaria, as in other Balkan countries, people with disabilities and those from other disadvantaged groups are often not an active part of education, employment and public life from an early age. Potential […]

St. Kliment Ohridski: Inclusive training

  Theme Early detection of children at risk of learning difficulties and their successful inclusion in preschool and school education, successful socialization and integration. Objectives Provide a supportive environment for equal access to education and for the opening of the education system with a view to implementing inclusive education. Target Group – Children from 3 […]

BALIZ Association: More motor activity – more healthy smiles

  Theme Hypotherapy and hydrotherapy as an ETS method for motor and social development. Objectives Applying social-health therapeutic approaches to hypotherapy and hydrotherapy in working with children and young people with disabilities. Target Group Children and young people with different types of disabilities and their families. Description The project envisages the application of proven therapies […]

Alexandra Koschek: Invisible Fitness

Usually when it is said that “Invisible Fitness” the following two reactions are usually these: What makes it invisible? We don’t do anything? Then I do it every day too… or You are not there or you are invisible? What it means? … but in reality, Invisible Fitness is a weekly workout where visionaries and […]