Harald Schmid: Games make children strong

Very early in their life children begin to develop skills that they will need and use throughout their adulthood. Their self-concept and their ability to deal with others are our focus.

Children with negative self-concept face difficult life situations often helplessly. They might show an increased chance of developing an addictive behavior. On the other hand, children with a positive self-concept trust in their various skills that help them to overcome obstacles. And they actively ask others for help and support.

To develop these positive skills, children need to face motivating challenges – optimally in suitable sportive games. Additionally, they require trusted persons to accompany them in this process. Most of that is found in sports clubs and in the daily work all the coaches there do with children.

Games make children strong is a part of Kinder stark machen.

Both campaigns aim to equip children at the age from 3 to 12 years with life skills that enable an addiction-free life.

These campaigns of the National Center of Health Education cooperate with leading German sport organizations.

Main objective is the information and education of sport coaches and all the people taking care of children at nurseries and schools.

There is also an action box provided for sport clubs and schools, containing games for children, flyers and other media.

Find more (only in German) on: www.kinderstarkmachen.de