Maria Vittoria Rambaldi: Identity Card

BIO: My name is Maria Vittoria, I am 30 years old and I work as an educator in Rome. I am an activist and basket player. I work in primary and secondary schools as a trainer for projects against bullying and gender discrimation run by S.CO.S.S.E., a non-profit oragnization that aims at deconstructing gender, ableism and cultural stereotypes inside society. As my passion for sport is part of who I am, I fight to bring the values of anti-sexism, anti-fascism and anti-racism on the sports field. As a matter of fact, the language, behavior and convictions we use in sport are the same we use in our daily life. I strongly believe that if we change something on the sports field we will also change something in society. Moreover, I want sports to be considered as an opportunity to improve lives and not as a predecided set of rules imposed by society or by privilege.

Emiliano Caccia: Let’s Play with Diversity

Giochiamo con le diversità – Let’s Play with Diversity is a pedagogical exercise created by the association for sport and culture Lupi Roma Outsport focusing on the topic of disability.

Lupi Roma Outsport: Heel Strike 

Lupi Roma Outsport is an association for sports and culture founded in Rome in 2019 and inspired by the European Outsport project.

Luca Savio: Alternate Hindrances

BIO: I am a social worker based in Turin, where I study International Development and Cooperation Sciences. I have often worked in contact with people from disadvantaged backgrounds, in both formal and informal contexts. While carrying out civil service I worked with socially excluded youngsters, and during two different missions abroad, in Kazakhstan and Burkina Faso, I lived and worked in contexts of extreme poverty and social hardship, having the opportunity to experience the communicative and aggregative value of sport on several of these occasions and in other contexts of informal activism, both abroad and in Italy.

Giovanni Castagno: Dal Circle Time al 4-3-3

BIO: I am a phd student in Educational Theories and I have worked as a pre-school and primary school teacher since 2005. As Paulo Freire, I think that education is a political act, and that acting is never neutral. Education is a very important tool to provoke positive change, thus the role of educators and teachers should not be limited to delivering ready-made notions to students. Teachers and educators should encourage critical sensibility and help students view the world that surrounds them with an open mind.

Andrea Maccarrone: Margherita

BIO: I have been dealing with communication and training for many years now. I started in the field of information against homobitransphobia in secondary schools in the early 2000s with the Mario Mieli Homosexual Culture Club in Rome. In 2015 I started to collaborate with the SCOSSE, association for social advancement and Educare Alle Differenze, network for diversity edication, with educational interventions also aimed at primary and middle school classes to combat bullying, stereotypes and to promote a culture of differences and responsibility. Since 2017 I have been working for social cooperative EDI within the framework of Save the Children’s “Underadio” project, aimed at girls / children in primary and secondary schools providing curricular paths to promote rights, fight discrimination and develop skills, responsibility, respect and participation. I am committed to improving the quality of the training we offer in these areas.